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Capstone Vietnam cordially invites you to participate in its annual fall International Boarding & Day School Virtual Fairs that include four (4) cities in all three regions of Viet Nam, including key primary and secondary markets. We have expanded the geographical focus of the fairs to give students and parents more options. We will continue to offer additional participation options that we introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic - surrogate and online. 

These fairs are combined with our higher education fairs for the sake of efficiency, because quite a few parents ask about institutions at both levels, and because there has been growing demand in locations outside of Hanoi and HCMC, depending upon overall cost. Let us know if you're interested in joining any of the cities other than Hanoi and HCMC, and we'll let you know if we think it's a good use of your time and school budget, based on local market demand and ability to pay. 

COVID-19 Update 

The fourth wave of COVID-19 created by the Delta variant, was in full force by late spring, especially in HCMC and neighboring provinces. We originally planned to offer hybrid fairs, i.e., virtual for most participating institutions without in-country representatives and in-person for students and parents, in those cities that were opening up, including Hanoi and Danang. However, because of the uncertainty of the situation and likelihood that local authorities will not allow in-person events in any of the four cities (we cancelled the fair in Haiphong), we have decided to err on the side of caution and move the entire series online using a platform designed for virtual events. 

Our marketing strategy remains the same; we will publicize the fair series nationwide and in each of the four (4) cities.

Demand for Overseas Study

While overall demand has decreased in the current academic year for reasons you’re all familiar with, e.g., parent and student concerns about COVID-19, financial constraints, in some cases, and host country limitations, there is still strong interest in overseas study. Looking ahead to 2022, this is still a great time to begin, or continue, your recruiting efforts in this dynamic market. 

Demand for an overseas boarding & day school education remains strong among Vietnamese parents who can afford this life-changing experience for their children. Viet Nam has the third fastest-growing percentage of ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the world, according to Knight Frank, and boasted one of the fastest-growing economies in the world – before COVID-19.  In addition, Vietnamese are among the most optimistic in the world about their economic prospects, including post-COVID-19 recovery.

Under normal (non-COVID-19) circumstances, we are joined by Mr. Taylor Smith, our Senior Educational Adviser for North America, who is a retired head of school. 

Virtual and Literature Only Participation Options: Since regular and surrogate representation is not possible this fall, here are the available options:   

1)  Virtual participation with the assistance of a student volunteer provided by Capstone: This option gives you the opportunity to chat online with students and parents with the assistance of highly qualified volunteers. You will be introduced to your volunteers before the fairs so that you can communicate with them via email and online chat. If youd like, you may appoint an in-country representatives or other qualified individual, e.g., alumni or a parent, to represent your institution.  

2) Literature Only: This includes carefully screened and trained student volunteer who represents your school, answers basic questions, and collects student contact information. We will introduce you to your volunteer(s) before the fairs so that you can communicate with them via email and online chat.

1. General Information & the Top 15 Reasons to Join Capstone’s Virtual Fairs 

Fair Benefits 
Fairs are still a great way to introduce your institution to students and parents in different parts of the country who are eager for information about study opportunities in different countries.   It is often the connection you or your representative make with a student or parent that convinces them to choose your institution over others.

These fairs benefit both Vietnamese students and their parents and colleagues representatives in the following ways:

For International Boarding & Day Schools

  • An opportunity to meet online serious prospective students and their parents;
  • A comprehensive country briefing that will update you on current market conditions and trends, and learn from discussion with colleagues;
  • A chance to create or expand brand awareness via the extensive pre-event marketing and the fairs themselves for your institution in Viet Nam;
  • Post-fair follow-up via email, telephone, and Facebook conducted by Capstone’s educational advising team;
  • Students and parents can search for participating schools on Capstone’s website using a searchable database that is part of our CRM system; and
  • The digital fair guide will be available on Capstone’s Issuu account following the fairs.

For students and parents 

  • An opportunity to learn about the many advantages of an overseas boarding & day school education, including summer programs;
  • An opportunity to e-meet with representatives of excellent boarding and day schools from North America, Europe and other regions; and
  • Free initial advising provided to all attendees for all participating schools. The entire fee is refunded, except visa counseling, if desired, if students ultimately enroll in a partner school.  (Capstone treats parents and students as clients, which means our advisers always look for best-fit schools for students, regardless of the status of the short-listed schools, i.e., partner or non-partner.)  

Capstone Vietnam Services

  • Quick and convenient online registration; 
  • Institutional profile in the digital fair guide, which is distributed to all fair attendees via the link, on the Capstone website via its CRM system and a searchable database.  (Note: Your institutional profile gives you exposure at all of the fairs, including the ones you choose not to participate in.);
  • Advertising opportunities in the digital fair guide, which amplify your message to students and message, even in fair cities in which you’re not present;
  • Additional logistical services;
  • Qualified, pre-screened student volunteers/interpreters;
  • Translation and printing of promotional materials, a fee-based service;
  • Pre-event, fee-based digital marketing opportunities designed to shine a brighter spotlight on your institution and its key selling points with the goal of driving more traffic to your table or your online booth;
  • You receive the contact information of the students who visit your online booth at the fairs; and
  • Follow-up via email, telephone, and chat apps on leads generated by the fairs and school visits starting with those classified as “hot leads”.



15 Reasons to Join Our Fairs:

1-   Quality: Only officially and approved institutions are allowed to join our fairs. This is good both for you and the students/parents who attend our fairs, for whom quality is of paramount importance. Honor by association is a win-win proposition.

2-   Superior service:  During their time in Viet Nam or virtually, we take good care of our fair colleagues.

3-   Reputation:  Capstone Vietnam is one of Viet Nam’s leading educational consulting companies.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, excellence, and ethical business practices.  While our official slogan is Reaching New Heights, we wholeheartedly embraced the unattributed saying, Success Without Integrity is Failure.   

4-   Location:  The fairs are offered in key primary and secondary markets representing all three regions of Viet Nam.  Let us know if you have any questions about which cities are most suitable for your institution and its unique profile.

5-   Outreach to local public, private and international schools that send sizable numbers of students to many English speaking countries for secondary education.

6-   Convenient and quick online registration and access to important fair-related documents, plus informative pre-fair updates.   

7-   Extensive interaction with Capstone staff, especially for colleagues who join more than one fair.  This gives you the chance to learn more about student recruitment and the broader societal context in Viet Nam.

8-   Organic attendance.  Unlike some companies, Capstone doesn’t inflate attendance by paying schools to bus students without regard to their qualifications, hiring services that pay “students” to come, paying student volunteers on a per head basis to “bring a friend,” or offering cash payments to attendees.  This is one reason we have a reputation for attracting serious and quality students to our events. 

9-  Authoritative country briefing by Dr. Mark Ashwill, an international educator and education entrepreneur who has lived and worked in Viet Nam since 2005 and who first traveled to the country in 1996. 

10- Capstone scanning system for easy retrieval and storage of student contact information using our CRM system - your choice.

11- Post-fair follow-up. Our staff follow up on all leads via email and phone. We will also translate a message into Vietnamese that you draft for your student contacts - at no additional charge. 

12- Advertising opportunities in the International Boarding & Day School fair guide to increase your visibility during and after the fairs (a digital copy of our colorful and informative fair guide and make it available to all fair attendees and after the fairs to anyone who is interested). Follow these links to see the online version of the spring 2021 and/or fall 2020 fair guide. 

13- Integrity:  We always look for the best fit institutions for students and their parents. In addition, our fair attendance is organic (e.g., we don't artificially inflate attendance) and our marketing ethical and extensive.

14- Free initial advising services:  Provided to all participants. 100% of the advising fee (except visa counseling, if desired) is refunded, if students enroll in a partner school.

15- Customized marketing and venue layout.  Realizing that “one size doesn’t fit all,” we customize some of the marketing and organize the venue layout so that different types of institutions are in different sections of the ballroom to make it easier for students and parents to navigate the event.



[PageBreakTitle Participation Guidelines]
2. Participation Guidelines


Only officially and approved institutions are eligible to participate.  


Institutions may be represented by individuals of their choosing.  This means a total of three at your table, including your student assistant volunteer provided by Capstone. 

Student Volunteers

Each school will be assisted by a student volunteer, who will help to represent your school and facilitate communication with students and parents. You have the option of contacting your student volunteer(s) before the fair.  There is time set aside for you to meet with them before each fair.  We are proud of our student volunteers, who have received consistently outstanding evaluations in each city over the years.   



[PageBreakTitle Fair Dates, Sites, Fees and Discounts]

3. Fair Dates, Sites, Fees and Discounts

Date City Virtual Participation Literature Only
Sat, November 6 (Virtual) Hanoi $1,500 $700
Thu, November 11 (Virtual) Danang $1,500 $700
Sat, November 13 (Virtual) HCMC $1,500 $700
Sun, November 21 (Virtual) Nha Trang $1,500 $700



  • The Hanoi, HCMC and Nha Trang fairs are scheduled from 3-7 p.m. (GMT +7), while the one in Danang will be held from 4-8 p.m
  • The fee includes fair registration, student volunteers, IT oversight, and full staff support in each city fair.

Fair Discounts

Multi-city: Three (3) cities:  $4,300; four (4) cities: $5,400
Capstone partner in Viet Nam:  5%, If you’re not already a partner and are interested in becoming one, please let us know.

Important Dates

Final Registration Deadline: October 15, 2021

Payment Deadline: October 29, 2021

[PageBreakTitle Why Viet Nam?]

4. Why Viet Nam? 

you’re here, you’ve probably already answered this question to your satisfaction but just in case you or your colleagues need more information and a stronger justification for investing in a fair series, here it is. The following articles and posts by Dr. Ashwill contain some of this information. 

Vietnamese Enrollments in US Hold Steady in Latest SEVIS Update (2-21)
Will Vietnamese student numbers in the US recover post-COVID? (1-21)
Promoting study in US universities in trying times (7-20)

The reasons for having fairs in Hanoi and HCMC are known to most recruiters.  They are the two most important urban centers in Viet Nam with a combined population of over 16 million.  The former is the nation’s political capital while the latter is the country's economic engine.  Many families in both cities have both the interest in overseas study and the ability to pay for it.  

Please let us know if you would like information about the other cities, all of which qualify as secondary markets. One of the key differences between these locations and Hanoi/HCMC is that the English proficiency of students tends to be lower simply because they have not had the advantages, both in and outside of the classroom, that their peers in the major urban centers have. There are fewer overseas study events and therefore a greater need for quality information.  

Another obvious reason is the generally high quality of the students not only in the classroom but in extracurricular activities



[PageBreakTitle Online Registration, Payment and Cancellation Policy]

5. Online Registration, Payment and Cancellation Policy

Method of Payment

After receiving your registration, we will send you an invoice within a week with instructions about international wire transfer or other method of payment, including check or corporate credit card. If you choose to wire your payment to Capstone Vietnam, please email a scanned version to us at [email protected]

Cancellation Policy
50 days + before the first fair: 70% refund.
30-49 days before the first fair: 50% refund
0-29 days before the first fair: No refund

If payment has not been made at the time of cancellation, Capstone Vietnam will invoice schools based on this refund policy.  By submitting this registration form, you confirm that you have read and agree to these terms. 

[PageBreakTitle shipment of materials]

6. Shipment of Materials

You may choose  Air Concepts, which has a good in country team, which is important for handling any customs-related problems that may arise.  Once you register, you will receive a fair package with information about both options.  It's your choice.

If you wish to ship your materials directly, your best choice is Fedex or DHL.  However, even with Fedex or DHL, there are times when materials are held up in Customs and a fee is required to obtain them. In many cases, Customs does not release materials in time for the fairs, which results in a waste of time and money.

[PageBreakTitle Translation and In-Country Printing of Materials]

7. Translation and In-Country Printing of Materials

If you have not already done so, it is essential to have your promotional materials translated into Vietnamese. Keep in mind that most Vietnamese parents do not read English and they are the key decision-makers, after all.

Capstone Vietnam can arrange to have your promotional materials printed in-country at additional cost. The advantages of in-country printing are convenience (e.g., no problems with Customs) and substantial cost-savings, including printing and shipping. We can also ship materials to a recipient of your choosing in Viet Nam (e.g., agent, high school) – at modest cost. Contact us for details.

[PageBreakTitle Marketing and Promotion]

8. Marketing and Promotion

Capstone invests a considerable amount in marketing and promoting its fairs series, including junior high/high school outreach, online marketing, extensive use of social media (e.g., Facebook), email blasts, a promotional video, flyer and poster distribution, street banners, phone calls, text messages, the use of teams of student volunteers in each fair city, and through our own networks, which consist of Vietnamese of means who are interested in sending their children to a quality international boarding or day school.

In addition to the usual pre-fair publicity, we offer several marketing options designed to generate additional student and parent interest in your school. We’re also willing to organize individual info sessions or coffee talks before or after the fairs on a first-come, first-served basis. Costs vary, so please contact us for more information.



[PageBreakTitle Institutional Profile in the Fair Guide]

9. Institutional Profile in the Fair Guide

We will publish a digital copy of our colorful and informative fair guide and make it available to all fair attendees and after the fairs to anyone who is interested.  It provides basic information about institutions, including selling points, academic programs, tuition and fees, admission requirements, etc.  It also contains articles of interest to students and parents.  Follow this link to have a look at the Spring 2021 and Fall 2020 fair guide. 

Only institutions that submit their Institutional Profile by the priority deadline will be included in the fair guide.

Size Option
Color Full Page Mono [Size/Height195mm x Width215mm]
Artwork must be submitted, via e-mail, or a file sharing website. Data format must be in one of the following:
Adobe Illustrator 9- EPS- PDF (High Quality Print)- Photo of College in horizontal (at least 300dpi)

[PageBreakTitle Advertising in the International Boarding & Day School Fair Guide]

10. Advertising in the International Boarding & Day School Fair Guide

Advertising in the fair guide is open to all official and approved schools, regardless of whether or not they participate in the fair series.

Advertising helps to brand your institution and signals your interest in welcoming Vietnamese students to your school. Those that do not participate in the fairs can use advertising as an opportunity for fair attendees and others to learn about the many advantages of attending their school.

Advertising Information and Pricing

Size Options Cost
Color Half Page (at the end of the fair guide) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 106mm]. This includes a side banner ad on our website that will be up for two (2) weeks. $400
Color Full Page (next to your profile) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 215 mm].  This includes a side banner ad on our website that will be up for one month.  $600


Artwork must be submitted via e-mail or a file sharing website. Data format must be in one of the following:
Adobe Illustrator 9- EPS- PDF (High Quality Print) - Horizontal photo of institution (at least 300 dpi)

If you need more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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