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Fall 2023 StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

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10. Other Promotional Opportunities

We offer three promotional opportunities, in addition to the usual pre-fair publicity,  designed to generate additional student and parent interest in your institution.

10.1 Fair guide advertising
You have a choice of two ads - at modest cost - to help brand your institution and signal your interest in welcoming Vietnamese students to your campus. This opportunity is available to all officially approved high schools and accredited institutions for higher education, regardless of whether they participate in the fair series. 

Size Options Cost
Color Half Page (at the end of the fair guide) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 106mm] US$ 400 
Color Full Page (next to your profile) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 215 mm] US$ 600


10.2 Translation and In-country printing of materials 
If you have not already done so, it is essential to have your promotional materials translated into Vietnamese. Keep in mind that most Vietnamese parents do not read English and they are the key decision-makers, after all.
We can also arrange to have your promotional materials printed in-country at additional cost. The advantages of in-country printing are convenience (e.g., no problems with Customs) and substantial cost-savings, including printing and shipping. Contact us for details.

10.3 Online & Offline marketing packages 
We also offer these packages to launch before and/or after the fairs, so please let us know your interest and budget for a customized design. This is a fee-based service that is in addition to the pre-event marketing we do for the series as a whole, by city, and by institution.


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