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StudyUSA & Canada Higher Education Flex-Fairs in Viet Nam

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4. Why Viet Nam? 

Since you’re here, you’ve probably already answered this question to your satisfaction but just in case you or your colleagues need more information and a stronger justification for investing in a fair series, here it is. The following articles by Dr. Ashwill contain some of this information. 

Promoting study in US universities in trying times (7-20)
Is the Bloom Off the Canadian Rose for Vietnamese Students? (3-20)
Vietnamese student enrolment in the US holds steady (2-20)
May-September 2019 US Student Visa Update from Viet Nam (11-19)
Number of Vietnamese Students in the US Rebounds (29.5.19)
The shift of Vietnamese students to Canada marches on (23.3.19)  
Viet Nam Once Again Ranks 5th in US International Student Enrollment (13.10.18)
Vietnamese students look at the US and head north (27.4.18) - about a recent shift to Canada (editor’s title) 

The reasons for having fairs in Hanoi and HCMC are known to most recruiters.  They are the two most important urban centers in Viet Nam with a combined population of over 16 million.  The former is the nation’s political capital while the latter is the country's economic engine.  Many families have both the interest in overseas study and the ability to pay for it.  

Please let us know if you would like information about the other cities, all of which qualify as secondary markets.  One of the key differences between these locations and Hanoi/HCMC is that the English proficiency of students tends to be lower simply because they have not had the advantages, both in and outside of the classroom, that their peers in the major urban centers have.  There are fewer overseas study events and therefore a greater need for quality information.


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