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Capstone’s New Logo

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Capstone’s New Logo

As we prepare to celebrate our 13th anniversary this year, we decided this would be a propitious time to redesign our logo. Here is a brief description of its meaning.

Capstone’s New Logo
Capstone’s New Logo

1. Paper Plane: This is used in many illustrations related to travel, study abroad, connecting with the world, and the notion of “flying high”. (Reaching New Heights is Capstone’s slogan.)

2. Mountain Range: The two overlaid icons illustrate the image of a mountain range, which reflects the meaning of Capstone: the high point or crowning achievement

3. Arrow: The icon looks like an arrow, which indicates forward momentum, i.e., hit your target or reach your goal.

Aside from the interpretation of the icons, the overall logo conjures up an image of stability, quality, and reliability, all of which have great significance in a fast-changing world in which too many individuals and companies choose the path of expediency. (Capstone’s mantra is Success without integrity is failure.)

Capstone’s original corporate colors of red and blue symbolize a wide range of emotions and states of being. Blue represents the sky and sea and is associated with peace, harmony, unity, trust, and truth. Red is associated with power, energy, passion, strength, and love.

Logos send an important message to the world because they reflect a company’s mission and values. Our decision to resign our logo was inspired by the saying, The only constant in life is change. (Heraclitus). In its 13 years of existence, Capstone has continually adapted and innovated in order to remain relevant and better serve our individual and institutional clients.  

My thanks to our staff for their careful and creative consideration of this project.

Mark A. Ashwill, Ph.D. 

Managing Director & Co-Founder


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