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Digital Marketing Packages: Something for Everyone

Director: UPDATES UPDATES Digital Marketing Packages: Something for Everyone

Digital Marketing Packages: Something for Everyone

New Digital Marketing Packages for Educational Institutions   Something for Everyone

As of January 2021, there were 68.72 million Internet users in Viet Nam, which comprises 70.3% of the population. There were 72 million active social media users, or 73.7% of the population. (That's a YOY growth rate of 10.8%.) The share of web traffic by device is as follows: mobile (cell) phones at 40.1% and laptops/desktops at 58%, as of 12-20.

The media outlets that share our content attract millions of netizens, which is why advertising costs are so high. For example, VNExpress (, a news and media site, ranks 9 in Viet Nam and 840 in the world with 130 million total visits in November 2021., a popular website for young people, ranked 12 in Viet Nam and 695 worldwide with 73 million total visits in the same month.

Website statistics are always changing and audience demographics shifting, which is why we choose the best sites for your campaign, based on past experience. This is an optimal time to promote any number of products and services online, including overseas study.

Keep in mind that there is usually a free multiplier effect, i.e., paid content that is posted by one site is reprinted by others simply because websites need a steady stream of content.

Note: Each of the following options gives interested students the opportunity to share their contact information via an online form for follow-up from you and our advisers, and includes an analytics report about the number of views, clicks, etc.

The first two options, Testing the Digital Waters and Taking It to the Next Level, are essentially introductory campaigns that differ from the other four in three main respects: 1) breadth and depth of exposure to students and parents; 2) the length of each campaign; and 3) the ability to collect leads through the Facebook sign-up ad.

In addition to email, our team is happy to schedule a video chat to answer any questions you may have about any of the packages. 

  1. Testing the Digital Waters;
  2. Taking It to the Next Level;  
  3. Making a Splash;
  4. Covering All of the Bases;
  5. Reaching New Digital Heights; and
  6. Reaching the Digital Summit.  

Each option gives interested students the opportunity to share their contact information for follow-up from you and Capstone advisers, if you'd like, and includes analytics information to measure your campaign's statistical impact.    

If you’re interested in one of the above events, please contact Ms. Hang Pham, Capstone deputy director, at [email protected], for more information. Capstone partners are entitled to a 5% discount.  


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