Mr. Taylor Smith - Senior Educational Advisor at Capstone Vietnam

Director: Our Team Our Team Mr. Taylor Smith - Senior Educational Advisor at Capstone Vietnam

Mr. Taylor Smith - Senior Educational Advisor at Capstone Vietnam

Spending 50 years in one profession, education, one needs to love what you are doing! What I like most are the day to day contacts you have with students, colleagues or former students.

Mr  Taylor Smith - Senior Educational Advisor at Capstone Vietnam
Mr Taylor Smith - Senior Educational Advisor at Capstone Vietnam

2014-present: Senior Educational Advisor at Capstone Vietnam
2013-1014: Head of School Emeritus at Oldfields
2008-2013: Head of School at Oldfields School
2000-2008: Director of College Counseling at Episcopal School and served as Associate Head of School
1988 - 2000: Head of School at York Country Day School
1970 - 1988: Taught history and math at Oldfields School and served as Assistant Head of School from 1976-1988
1970: Graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Anthropology


I have students from all over the world and have enjoyed meeting up with them in such international cities as Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Tokyo, Hamburg, Cologne, Moscow, London and Newcastle.  In addition, I run into grateful students all over the U.S.  As a matter of fact, even today in our socially distant world, my wife and I met up with a student  for lunch who lives only a block from our new condo in Philadelphia.    What I enjoy the most is seeing my students after they graduate; seeing them thrive as adults.  Their professions have varied from doctors to lawyers to accountants to winemakers to musicians to veterinarians.    To hear what impact I or the school I serve has had on them fills me with pride.  One of the most gratifying experiences I have had is hearing from an old student from forty years ago, who sent me a 90-page book describing the role my school and my wife and I had on her when she was struggling as a youth.  But the positive feedback happens almost daily.

Studying abroad is a key to international understanding.  As a headmaster of a day school early in my career, we had an active international recruiting effort when most schools had no students from overseas.  In my twelve years at the school we had more than 40 international students attend.  They contributed as scholars, athletes and musicians.   But most importantly, they contributed by bringing an understanding of their culture to our little conservative city in Pennsylvania. As a matter of fact, my family was so committed to bringing international students  to America, we housed seven of them, impacting my school as well as my family.  Matter of fact, the experience led my son to spend a summer in Barcelona with one of our students and then spend a whole year abroad as a Rotary exchange student in Biarritz, France.  Later, as a head of a boarding school, I saw first hand the minds  that were opened and the appreciation my American students had for diverse cultures.  It is also a great experience for the international students who study abroad.  They make life-long friendships while learning about America, Canada or any other country in which they study, as well as learning about the other countries represented at the school.  Study Abroad benefits both the students and the school that enrolls an international student.



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