Unlike coffee talks, information sessions are held in our office in Hanoi or HCMC.  (There is also the option of organizing this event at a hotel – at additional cost, including venue rental and snacks.)  As with the coffee talks, most of the fee is spent on marketing the event to ensure a decent, quality turnout.  Capstone staff assist with checking in the guests, translation, and client follow-up. 

Here’s a recent testimonial from a four-year US university colleague for whom we organized a coffee talk in January 2018: 

Very practical, very productive. The personal atmosphere and sitting and talking with a few very interested students and parents provided an atmosphere parallel to what students would experience at the university on a small campus. I would definitely want to do this again.  (Anthony J. Shull, McKinney Chair of International Programs & Executive Director for Global Initiatives, Marian University)

Please contact us at info@capstonevietnam.com, for more information.


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