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FAQs for International Colleagues

Director: UPDATES UPDATES FAQs for International Colleagues

FAQs for International Colleagues

FAQs for International Colleagues

FAQs for International Colleagues
FAQs for International Colleagues

Q:  What is the COVID-19 situation like in Viet Nam?

A:  As of the afternoon of 8 April 2020, there are 251 confirmed cases, 126 recovered, and 0 deaths.  This Wikipedia page is probably the best English language resource about all things coronavirus in Viet Nam: 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam. It’s updated on a daily basis. For information directly from the Viet Nam Ministry of Health, follow this link. Look for the number of infections (in red) under Số ca nhiễm and the number of those who have recovered (in green) under Bình phục.  FYI, here are two articles written by Dr. Mark A. Ashwill, Capstone managing director and co-founder:  During the Covid-19 pandemic, do as the Vietnamese do (21.3.20) and Vietnam: An outlier in the coronavirus epidemic and HE? (14.3.20).  

Q:  Can foreigners visit Viet Nam at this time?  

A:  The Vietnamese government is currently not issuing visas for foreign nationals.  With few exceptions, e.g., foreigners with a diplomatic passport and those on an approved government list, only Vietnamese passport holders are permitted to enter the country.  They must spend two weeks in quarantine to ensure that they are not infected with COVID-19, assuming their coronavirus test results are negative, along with those of their roommates, plus two more weeks at home.    

Q:  When might the US Embassy (Hanoi) and Consulate (HCMC) reopen for nonimmigrant visa interviews, including F and J visas?  

A: The official answer is "We will resume routine visa service as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time."

Q:  Are any educational institutions open?

A:  All K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions are closed until further notice.  

Q:  Since I can’t currently travel to Viet Nam to meet with students, parents, and agents and participate in fairs or small-scale events such as coffee talks or info sessions, how should I continue my recruitment efforts?

A:  In lieu of face-to-face interaction, take advantage of the opportunity to launch a digital marketing campaign with quality outreach and follow up, in addition to online advising and webinars.  Email us at for a more detailed overview.  

Q:  When will the national exam (dual high school completion/university entrance) exam be held this year?

A:  It will be  held from 8-11 August 2020.  Students are expected to complete the academic year before 15 July 2020.  However, at the latest government meeting on 3 April 2020, the prime minister requested the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) to prepare for a variety of options.  (Many educators have said that the national exam should be cancelled or administered online.)  

Date:  8 April 2020

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