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StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

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10. Advertising in the Fair Guide
Advertising in the fair guide is open to all officially approved high schools and accredited institutions for higher education in other countries and only regionally accredited higher education institutions in the US, regardless of whether they participate in the fair series.

Advertising helps to brand your institution and signals your interest in welcoming Vietnamese students to your campus. Those that do not participate in the fairs can use advertising as an opportunity for fair attendees and others to learn about the many advantages of attending their school. 

Advertising Information and Pricing

Size Options Cost
Color Half Page (at the end of the fair guide) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 106mm] US$ 400 
Color Full Page (next to your profile) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 215 mm] US$ 600


Artwork must be submitted on CD or via e-mail. Data format must be in one of the following:
Adobe Illustrator 9- EPS- PDF (High Quality Print) - Horizontal photo of institution (at least 300 dpi)


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