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Fall 2023 StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

[PageBreakTitle General Information & the Top 10 Reasons to Join Capstone’s Fairs]

2. General Information & the Top 10 Reasons to Join Capstone’s Fairs 

Demand for overseas study has rebounded since Vietnam entered the new normal era. This is a great time to begin, or continue, your recruiting efforts in this important market.

Fair Benefits 

Our fairs are still a great way to introduce your institution to students and parents in different parts of the country who are eager for information about study opportunities in different countries.  It is often the connection you or your representative make with a student or parent that convinces them to choose your institution over others.  (This includes juniors and sophomores who will not be applying for overseas study for another year or two.) In addition to the fairs, representatives are strongly encouraged to participate in the related school visits and other activities.

These fairs benefit both Vietnamese students and their parents and your school representatives in the following ways:

For school participation

  • An opportunity to meet serious prospective students and their parents who are interested in gaining admission to a high school or higher education institution;
  • A comprehensive country briefing that will update you on current market conditions and trends;
  • A chance to create or expand brand awareness for your institution via the extensive pre-event marketing and the fairs themselves in Vietnam;
  • Post-fair follow-up via email, telephone, and Facebook conducted by Capstone’s counselors.
  • Students and parents can search for participating schools on Capstone’s website using a searchable database that is linked to our in-house CRM system.
  • A digital copy of the fair guide will be available on Capstone’s Issuu page following the fairs.

For students and parents

  • An opportunity to learn about the many advantages of overseas study, including internships and post-graduation employment opportunities;
  • A chance to meet with representatives of officially approved high schools, officially accredited institutions of higher education and, in the case of the US, regionally accredited colleges and universities;
  • Informative presentations about important topics of interest such as career assessment, and introversion, extroversion and their implications for study, work, and life; and
  • Free initial advising provided to all participants for all participating schools. The entire fee is refunded, except visa counseling, if desired, if students enroll in a partner school.  Our unique advising approach treats parents and students as our primary clients, not partner schools. We look for best-fit institutions for each and every student.
StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam
StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

Capstone Vietnam Services 

  • Quick and convenient online registration; 
  • Institutional profile in the fair guide, which is distributed to all fair attendees, local school students and in our offices until the next fair series, and digital version of the fair guide on the Capstone website via its CRM system and a searchable database.  (Note: Your institutional profile gives you exposure at all of the fairs, including the ones you choose not to participate in.);
  • Advertising opportunities in the fair guide, which amplify your message to students and message, even in fair cities in which you’re not present;
  • Additional logistical services (domestic flight booking, hotel reservations, ground transportation);
  • Qualified, pre-screened student volunteers/interpreters;
  • Convenient and reliable shipping of your materials via Air Concepts OR the less costly option of in-country printing at substantial cost savings;
  • Translation and printing of promotional materials, a fee-based service;
  • Pre-event, fee-based digital marketing opportunities designed to shine a brighter spotlight on your institution and its key selling points with the goal of driving more traffic to your table;  
  • Authoritative and detailed country briefing and discussion;
  • Ample time for discussion and consultation with Dr. Ashwill and his staff during “fair week” (this, of course, depends upon how many fairs you plan to join);
  • You receive the contact information of the students who visit your table at the fairs and at the schools you visit; 
  • Follow-up via email, telephone, and chat apps on leads generated by the fairs and school visits starting with those classified as “hot leads”.

10 Reasons to Join Our Fairs 

1-   Quality: Only officially approved high schools, officially accredited institutions of higher education and, in the case of the US, regionally accredited colleges and universities, are allowed to join our Hybrid fairs. This is good both for you and the students/parents who attend our fairs, for whom quality is of paramount importance. Honor by association is a win-win proposition.
2-   Reputation:  Capstone Vietnam is one of Vietnam’s leading educational consulting companies. We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, excellence, and ethical business practices. While our official slogan is Reaching New Heights, we wholeheartedly embraced the unattributed saying, Success Without Integrity is Failure.   
3-   Location:  The fairs are offered in key primary and secondary markets representing all three regions of Vietnam. Let us know if you have any questions about which cities are most suitable for your institution and its unique profile.
4-   Outreach to local public, private and international schools that send sizable numbers of graduates to study overseas.  This includes large group meetings, classroom visits and mini-fairs. (We try to arrange mini-fairs, whenever possible.)
5-   Convenient and quick online registration and access to important fair-related documents, plus informative pre-fair updates.   
6-   Organic attendance:  Capstone prides itself on reaching out to and attracting bona fide students to its fairs through quality and ethical digital and offline marketing.
7-   Authoritative country briefing by Dr. Mark Ashwill, an international educator who has lived and worked in Viet Nam since 2005 and first traveled to the country in 1996. 
8-   Post-fair follow-up: Our staff follow up on all leads.  We will also translate a message into Vietnamese that you draft for your student contacts, including fairs and school visits – at no additional charge.
9-   Integrity:  We always look for the best fit institutions for students and their parents. In addition, our fair attendance is organic (e.g., we don't artificially inflate attendance) and our marketing ethical.
10-   Free initial advising services:  are provided to all participants. 100% of the advising fee (except visa counseling if desired) is refunded, if students enroll in a partner school. This unique approach to educational advising is explained here.


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